General terms of sales.

General conditions of sale

all reservation will be efficient after the receipt of deposit. The depodit represent 30% of the global price of the reservation ant they will not be restitute in case of cancellation. All the prices are for a rent of a room for 1 or 2 persons and for 1 night. The breakfast and the visitor's taxes are included in the price of the rooms. You will ask a bed for a baby o a small children(less than 5 years). You could add a bedroom for 1 person (20 euros a day).
Any reservation on standby (because of not-payment of the Paypal installment) expires at the end of 3 days and will thus not be recorded.

To book a room, you have 2 possibilities:

  • 1/ Send to us a request for reservation in the menu “Contact & reserve”.
    We will inform you of the availability of the room at the desired date, if the room is available you will receive by E-mail a claim for Paypal payment corresponding to the 30% of installment of the total stay.
    Once the payment carried out you will receive our share a confirmation of reservation.
    In the case of a double reservation, we will immediately inform you and will refund you the entirety of the versed down payment.
  • 2/ book by telephone o fax(mob: +33 (0)6 11 79 61  19 or fax: +33 (0)4 68 77 88 45)
    You will must send a cheque of 30% of the global cost at:
    “la demeure de la cite – 3 et 5 rue saint jean 11000 Carcassonne a the orden : E.I.R.L Florent FEUILLIE
    The booking will be effective after the encaissement  of the chèque; you will receivean e-mail of confirmation.
    This type of paiement could take a long time that is why you cab’t use this type of paiement if you book at the last moment(minimum 45 days before your arrival

Conditions of cancellation

In case of cancellation, we will not pay the advance.
All reservation is conserved as far as 6pm the day of arrival.
Thank you to prevent us in case of arrival after 6pm at +33 (0) .19