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Article 1 – OBJET

The present notice serve to define the terms so that  the publisher furnish at the users of internet the internet and the terms  so that the internet users go  to see and use the site. All connexion in the site need the the acceptance without reserve and the respect of the present  legal  notice that the publisher can modify or update in all moment

Article  2 - access  in the site

The access is possible 24hours  a day, everyday, except in a case of  force majeure and subject of maintenance intervention  necessaries  for a good functioning     of the site and the underlying  materials or possible breakdown. The access of the site is made with the computer goods of the user of interenet connected with a telecommunication network which permit the internet access. protocols ofcommunication are usually used in internet. The access rights and using  rights on the site are non transmitted  and non exclusives rights. The user of internet is fully responsible of the  relevance of the material used and the access conditions to profit of optimal maneer of  the services that the site offer.It’s  expressly recalled that all access in internet from a public terminal ask specials manipulations and checkings from the user of internaute. To insure the  confidentiality of the consultation and the absence of automatical registry which could be revelate for others people private datas. The publisher decline all responsibility for the conditions the user of internet will be connected on the site. The   imperative    legislation of  some states or countries could have as effect to limit, regulate  or forbidden the access in the site. The user of internet should be sure before all connection in the site that this type of connection couldn’t   countravening       relevant with the rules applicable  with the geographical area of connection. The editor will not encur responsibility for that


The content of the site with all datas, informations, pictures, illustration,   logo, brands and graffic chart, ….. is protected like all intellectual  property rights(particulary  authors rights, drawns rights and brands rights, all copy, reproduction,  representation,   adaptation, diffusion, partial or integral of one element of the site, with all existing process, is strictly forbidden except  prior        written autorisation by the editor. All  violation of this interdict will constitute an offense of counterfeit(art L.335-2 of the code of the intellectual propriety)without   préjudice       of all responsibility(penal or civil) by the author of for act of illegal competition. Elements presented in the site will be modify without notice and are on disposal without guarantee; they can’t give a right o require compensation

 Article 4

In all of case, are strictly forbidden all links from sites opposite moralities with violent character., Pornographic, paedophile ; which could be conflict  to thehuman person or destinated to show o sell objects,  substances and/or forbidden or illicit writings

 4.1 very text links from the site

Is notified that   none case the existence of hypertext link from an other site to the site will not induce the existence of  co-operation beetwen the editor and the other site. The editor can’t do a control in the contents of othe sites and can’t assume none responsibility concerning  contents   services , informations, materials, software of the sites which could be include an hypertext linkfrom the site

 4.2 hypertexts links from the other sites

The site can contain links forward friends sites of the editor or forward the other sites. The editor can’t do control on those sites and can’t assume by consequence non  responsibility concerning  the disponibility of those sites, the contents, advertising, and on the products and/or available on or from the sites. The editor will not  responsible of directly or indirectly damages which could be occur when the internet user on the site of the partner  and/or other personu se of the contents and services of this site by l' Net surfer.

Article 5: limitation of responsibility

Datas and informations emited on the site are provided without fast or tactile auncune guaranteed of some kind that it is ; Consequently editor no civil responsibility because of the information disseminated on its site will incur. Consequently, the site could be modified constantly and without notice.. l' editor no responsibility will incur; no kind (neither direct, neither indirect, neither principal, nor incidental) for any damage undergone by a Net surfer because of partial loss total or or because of; damage of all programs, data or equipment with ; occasion of access  or of use of the site. It belongs indeed exclusively  Net surfer to take all appropriate measures for purposes to protect its own equipment, programs and given contamination by all forms of virus circulating on Internet.

Article 6 : jurisdiction and applicable law

Any litigation referring to the site will be exclusively carried in front of the jurisdictions within the competence of the bankruptcy court of Carcassonne and will be governed and analyzed according to the French law. Use of the site implies express agreement of user with application of this jurisdictional clause.
In the case or  one of the provisions of this legal note would be considered to be illegal, worthless or inapplicable for some reason that it is, she would be regarded as not belonging to this note and would not affect legality, the validity and  application practices other stipulations the present ones.

Article 7: Data processing and freedoms

In accordance with the law n°78-17 of January 6th, 1978, the site made object a declaration near the National Commission of data processing and of freedoms under the reference. Any user lays out a right access to the data relating to it near Editor in sight the case falling due to put forward any request for correction, opposition or of suppression.

Use of your personal data

The e-mails resulting from the requests of the form contact are used only with an aim of answering the asked questions. They are not preserved.

For memory:

Any edition writings, of composition musical, drawing, painting or any other production, printed or engraved in entirety or partly. With no regard for laws and regulations on the property of the authors, is a counterfeit is an offence. The counterfeit in France work published in France or in foreigner is punished three years imprisonment and of 300,000 euros  fine. Will be punished same sorrows the flow, export, importation of the counterfeited works. When the offences envisaged by this article were made in organized band, the sorrows are increased to five years imprisonment and with 500,000 euros fine.

Modification of the conditions

Editor reserves the right to modify or in a more general way, to constantly bring up to date the present general terms and without notice. Is why we invite you to consult them regularly.